About Us

Welcome to JJSart art supplies

We are passionate about life. We are passionate about art. We are passionate about fine art materials. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that every artist was first an amateur. As the UK’s top art material and tools supplier, believing each one of us is born with creativity, we are committed to allowing every art lover, especially the beginners to easily find the materials and tools he or she needs to create, without any financial burden and time pressure.

It has occupied JJSart for nearly 10 years to grow from a corner grocery store to a professional top online art supplier in the UK. In our team, a few members once have been attacked and troubled by different diseases, either psychologically or physically. Luckily under the influence of self-enlightenment and self-expression throughout the creative process, they found new ways to gain personal insight and develop new coping skills. We hope to promote this kind of art therapy that art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life, and let more people see hope because creativity is contagious and we ought to pass it on.

There are more than 20,000 product lines at JJSart, and they are all selected from the world’s best suppliers for home art supplies ranging from the latest home decorations diamond paintings kits, painting by numbers kits, wall art tapestry,3D embroidery kits, cross stitches kits, artificial flowers, a photo album to educations games toys Jigsaw puzzles kits, paints, oils, acrylics, canvas, paper, paintbrushes, cooking & baking tools, shower curtain, custom gifts, personalized pet supplies and more than what you can think of in your everyday life.

We now ship orders to thousands and thousands of artists either professionals or beginners from over 192 countries and regions. We not only search globally for exciting new products from the finest artisan makers to the leading brands but also developed our own range of products by working with reliable manufacturers directly. We ensure that all products are delivered directly from our factories to users, so as to save the premium brought by intermediate links.

We ourselves are both an art supplies provider and users. With our expertise, we are able to give advice about the best use of materials and provide artists of all abilities with the paints, brushes, materials, and tools to help them realize their creative potential. We are proud of the constant enthusiasm of the artists, and we are also in awe of their never-ending pursuit of art. Therefore, we will never stop in the pursuit of high-quality art supplies. We will always remember the original intention of our business, we will continue to look for the best products, provide them at preferential prices, and deliver an exceptional quality of service.