3D Diy Embroidery Kits UK Animal #FA0047
3D Diy Embroidery Kits UK Animal #FA0047

3D Diy Embroidery Kits UK Animal #FA0047

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What is 3D embroidery?
3D hand embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. Embroidery may also incorporate other materials such as pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. 3D Hand embroidery uses many different types of stitches to achieve texture and interest, including running stitch, back stitch, split stitch, stem stitch, satin stitch, french knots, chain stitch, lazy daisy, and so on. 3D embroidery designs may be stamped or drawn on the material, or they can be done freehand. Embroidery uses embroidery floss and an embroidery needle, which has a slightly larger eye but is still sharp.

What’s in our 3D embroidery kit?
Our 3D embroidery kit contains all the tools you need.With this embroidery kit, you can easily finish beautiful embroidery. 1pcs imitation wood embroidery hoop, color embroidery threads, 1pcs embroidered cloth with patterned lines, 2pcs embroidery needles, 1pcs instructions.Note:The bamboo embroidery hoop has a screw that you can adjust the tightness you want when necessary.It also can be used as a frame to place the finished embroidery to decorate your room.

In the last few years the popularity of modern embroidery kits has soared. For people new to hand embroidery it’s a fail-safe way to start a new hobby, and create something amazing right off the bat, even with no prior experience in stitching.

Valuable Hand Embroidery Kit: Contains all the tools you need, With this embroidery kit, you can easily finish beautiful embroidery.
After finishing the embroidery, the embroidery pattern can be framed in the Round Bamboo Embroidery Hoop, hanging in the living room or bedroom, as an interior decoration.Finished DIY embroidery is really a meaningful and special present.
The fine expressive power of the line embroidery, with the bamboo embroidered hoop, allows you to get in touch with the traditional craftsmanship, experience the romance and gentleness of the handmade, and taste the fine art life.
Simple to use: The cross stitch kit is equipped with drawings and embroidery instructions, which clearly show the embroidery method, which is easy to learn, so that you can easily complete the embroidery work and gain a sense of accomplishment.
VERY RELAXING - Take your mind off anxieties of the day. Paint by Diamonds eases your tensions. Breakthrough research shows that creative activities like coloring and painting can reduce stress

Package List:
✅1 Pcs embroidery hoops(bamboo)
✅1 Pcs Embroidered cloth (with pattern on)
✅Embroidery floss
✅Embroidery needles

Manual measurement, please allow 1-2mm error, thank you!
Please understand the slight color difference because of the light irradiation or computer display difference.

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What is the difference between flat embroidery and 3d embroidery?
Embroidery is the process of decorating fabric using needles and threads. The two most common types are flat and 3d embroidery
flat embroidery is the most common embroidery used, it is where the decorative stitch is applied directly to the fabric creating a flat design. Flat embroidery can be used for the most intricate and detailed designs without distorting the image which makes it the most popular choice for embellishment.
3d embroidery or 3d puff embroidery is a technique where foam is inserted under the embroidery stitch to raise the surface of your design giving a three-dimensional look to your embroidery design. 3d embroidery is a cool effect because it can make a design really stand out on the fabric.

In the process of embroidery, I found out that the number of threads in the kit is not enough to finish the work. How could this happen?
All kits put on sale are pre-sewed and checked for the required number of threads. From this, the kit is completed with threads with an excess. This problem may occur if the embroidery is not made according to the instructions: for example, the instructions say that the embroidery shall be made in 2 threads, while the work is being made by you in 3 threads. Very large carrying threads on the back of the canvas, as well as ripping off the mistakenly embroidered pieces of work can cause an increase in the number of threads required. In this regard, we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions and exercise attention when embroidering.

Where can I see how many blends (color mixings) are there in the pattern, in which technique is the work done, how many threads should be used in embroidering?
Quite often there is a lot of information and it cannot be put in the description on the website, so the information about the kit is always specified in the key on the chart of each kit. The number of threads largely depends on the canvas, which is used for embroidering. Designers adhere to the standards which you can find in any embroidery literature.

After unpacking the kit, I found out that the colour palette of threads (colour tones) a little bit differs from the one which is depicted on the cover. Why is that?
The thread’ colors may slightly differ from those of the cover image due to printing variations in the process of production. We take measures and make efforts to ensure the correspondence of the completed embroidery with the picture to the extent possible. However, when purchasing a kit, you should consider that there may be some colour (tone) deviations. Moreover, such discrepancy could occur in the early kits, on which covers the image of embroidery imitation, not the photo of the real embroidered work, was given. All kits manufactured at the moment have a real image of the embroidered picture on the cover.

I have purchased the kits from the same series, but the color tones of completed embroidery works are different. Why is that?
We do not manufacture a series of embroideries. Each kit is an independent work. We offer the craftswomen an opportunity to select the works for their collections by themselves.

Which hoops are better to be used in embroidery?
The choice between the material (plastic or wood) is a matter of taste and personal preferences. For a kit purchased as a gift, we recommend purchasing a wooden embroidery hoop. We would also like to note that the embroidery hoop with screws is more convenient to work with.

Can you make the chart (and select the embroidery threads) based on my photos?
We do not manufacture individual embroidery patterns based on your photos.

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